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European Hardcore from the early 90’s

It all started with the Congress interview I did with Josh. He spoke about Feeding The Fire as a band he knew through another guy called Rob. Rob was the vocalist for Feeding The Fire. But as you might know Rob also played together with Josh and Hans in Wheel Of progress. A band that needs no introduction if you have read the interviews with Hans and Josh.

Well that being told, the Feeding The Fire music came on my want list. But since I was unsure about the existence of records from the band, I was collecting in a heavy fog. But all of a sudden I saw that feeding the fire actually had a 7″ because a guy that I traded with had it on his sell-list. Since he had a lot of nineties stuff and was befriended back in the days with the above mentioned Belgians I figured this needed to be the one I was looking for.

So here we have the 7″ with Rob Born From Pain on vocals. The lyrics deal with subjects like resistance, fighting for personal liberation or liberation of oppressed people. But also about the energetic spirit that hardcore music delivers when listening to it. The fire within that awakens when you are true…

Besides that, the record has a huge fold out poster insert with the most awesome text:

Eternal Spirit

Exhaustless Energy

Feeding The Fire

Deep Inside Of Me

That being said and shown you already get that this is fundamental stuff for the European Hardcore scene from the 90’s. But then we come to a second record of the band that I didn’t even suspect the existence of; the split with another influential European hardcore band: Spawn. Spawn was actually the first Straight-Edge European Hardcore band that toured the United States of America. And here’s the split between them. Released through Crucial Response Records.

Then I even found a green coloured record of them way back when I started collecting and just bought it because the eBay seller mentioned that it was the first European band that toured the USA. Released through Emblem Records.

Enough (for now) about these records. I told this post would be about several guys from the early nineties Euro scene, so we miss one name and that’s Patrick Kitzel from Reaper Records! Well he actually played in Spawn and now runs in my humble opnion the best Hardcore label in current era of hardcore.

Maybe you can now also understand how Born From Pain (which is Rob’s current band) is on Reaper Records and actually has a record called “Warfare” on the label.

Conclusion: very interesting and essential records if you ask me. Certainly if you want to know and understand early 90’s European hardcore and who was involved! And how everything was connected, despite the fact that Feeding The Fire was from the Netherlands, Wheel of Progress from Belgium and Spawn from Germany! There were no boundaries!

If you have any other information about this, please let me know by email or post a comment on this…

5 responses to “European Hardcore from the early 90’s”

  1. I think FTF was part from Germany since René(Spawn, True Blue, World Collapse) also played in the band!I really love both FTF and Spawn. Too bad Kitzel only sang on that Despair split with Spawn.But I still prefer True Blue 😉

  2. René played the last year or so with FTF, the early/original line-up had a different drummer. I believe his name was Harald. They where a 100% Dutch band.

  3. Patrick played guitar for the SPAWN 7″ that was pictured. Anyway never heard of that split with Despair… If you can miss it hook me up!

  4. FTF had a couple of different drummers in their existence, René was the last one of them (and to me personally also the best one we had!!).So I guess FTF then was not a 100% Dutch, although who cares, we didn't. We were international, no bonderies!! ;-)Harald NEVER played drums in FTF, he actually started out as a 2nd singer, then moved on to be 2nd guitarist!More info etc can be found on the OFFICIAL (more added every now & then!!).Take care,Roger NBHP.S.: thanx for the nice words on FTF, always appreciated!! 🙂

  5. Hello Roger, not my intention to make of this an official page or steal something. Just wanted to share my results of collecting and learning the rich history of Hardcore! I'm glad you posted the link. Will put it in the post, did not know that there was a myspace. Just wanted to put this under attention because many ink has been spilled over American hardcore but not about the roots of the European scene back when it started. Anyway, not just kind words but I mean them from the bottom of my soul. And really respect the pioneers. Anyway thanks again for your comment. Greetings -Willem

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