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Deconsecrate "Nothing Is Sacred" LP Review

I’ve read several reviews about this record, early and late reviews. I’ve concluded that “Nothing Is Sacred” appeals to people with a whole variety of backgrounds. That’s because they deliver with their first full length a mixture of a whole lot of elements from the harder musical landscape. In their music lay influences of Death Metal and Death Core mostly. Not avoiding to add more melodic and more emotional parts also. While I hear a hint of Beat Down now and then also. They mold all the music they love into their own creative sound. I needed a while to be able to place it all. And it’s definitely a step further into the larger world than during their demo stage.
The vocalist duo is what makes it more than complete. In their vocals the brutality and message of Hardcore come to being. A scene like the H8000 Hardcore scene is more ethically superior and challenging the truth more than ever. It is not easy to still make a statement or still have something to say. But I am not disappointed. Being able to challenge the settled truth is what proves that nothing is sacred. And this is what Deconsecrate still does. Their lyrics hold a tad of that agonizing and bleak truth, the old scene was known for. Also the snippets from movies are adjust. Not to speak of the quote on the back of the cover, that summarizes it all. Challenging the political and economical leaders (Kings) on one side and the ideological and ethical leaders (Priests) on the other side.
“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”

Some practical facts about this record, it’s recorded at Hearse Studio in Belgium, while mastered in the USA. What is cool is that John Gallagher (Dying Fetus) and Damien Moyal (Morning Again, Culture and As Friends Rust) support the act by laying down their guest vocals. So they picked someone from the Metal and someone from the Hardcore genre. The artwork is down by one of the vocalists, Andy and the band shots are also belonging to someone of the local scene also.
Good Life Recordings used their old logo (with the lightning flash) again and also etched “H8000 Will Never Die” into the vinyl’s matrix. That’s the spirit I like. While the label they didn’t press vinyl for years they did it again for this release. So that is awesome and a great honor for Deconsecrate also. Good Life Recordings stayed positive!

Good Life recordings color vinyl Deconsecrate Nothing Is Sacred
red, clear and black vinyl all three out of 100 copies

On the more personal interpretation side, listening to this record gives me a double feeling. The joy of beholding the spawn of the H8000, the sound of the current H8000 spirit. The effort to reawaken. But implicitly this means that there aren’t so much bands left at the moment also. And that Hardcore isn’t considered so positive and appealing as in the 90’s by the outside world anymore.

Deconsecrate makes a modest effort that does not forces to open a box of Pandora or to claim the throne. It’s this integrity is that I like. I hope it’s not just the continuation of the scene’s traditions but also the spark that may fuel the fire even more.

Check out the Bandcamp page of Deconsecrate and if you like buy the record or CD at the Good Life webstore.

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