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Maximum Penalty "Life And Times" test pressing

test press cover

Maximum Penalty just finished a European tour including a show at Ieperfest in Belgium, as I write this. I can’t believe that almost all these collectors I follow here on Blogger don’t love or featured this record on their site or page before. But it seems to be a larger trend than only locally in my blogging circles. As Reaper Records pressed only 1000 copies, no repress and it’s still available. I for one was breathless when the pre-order of this record came in. I had a raised heart beat for sure. And I still remember that moment.

This came out in 2009 and was the come back release of them after more than a decade of silence. Maximum Penalty were featured on one of those classic compilations documenting the scene in New York. The “Where The Wild Things Are” compilation to be precise. Although this one is a bit rarer it is together with the “The Way It Is” compilation almost everybody’s introduction to NYHC. These compilations were released towards the end of the 80’s. Although every reader most likely knows this already.

This record in it’s entirety deals with the serious hardships of life. The song texts are so recognizable and so clearly written that I can relate to. I won’t go deeper into this as this would be too personal both for the lyric writer as for me. And privacy is important an should deeply be respected.

I was blessed to be able to add the most elusive version of this record, the test pressing, to my collection. Here is a picture of it and while I was at it, I took the regular versions out also to make some pictures again.

Maximum Penalty Life And Times Reaper Records vinyl
Maximum Penalty “Life And Times” test pressing
Maximum Penalty “Life And Times” cream and gold vinyl out of 800 copies
Maximum Penalty “Life And Times” clear red with black haze vinyl out of 200 copies

Thanks to Reaper Records for bringing this in the Hardcore community! Also be on the look out for a new release on Reaper Records by Maximum Penalty….

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