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Down To Nothing "All My Sons" RECORD RELEASE

For the record release cover layout of Down To Nothing’s “All My Sons” ep, the Reaper Records designers chose a typographical approach. Not easy to do but well-succeeded as usual. Some real talented designers work for that label. The back is not bad either. A large group of people posing for a picture always give a feeling of unity. But in many cases it also gives a warning not to mess with them, because they outnumber your crew.

down to nothing dtn record release all my sons 7 inch vinyl reaper records
Typographic layout and black labels, sides are marked with silver ink X
Numbered by hand out of 168 copies and stamped with logo in red ink
“All My Sons” is in Down To Nothing’s musical delivery unique. They never sounded heavier than in these songs. Maybe it’s the presence of Jared in the line-up that caused this rather exceptional sound for them. Compared to Hatebreed, Terror and Trapped Under Ice by many, I can concur with that statement.
On a personal note I think it’s not as good as “The Most”, that’s one of the best records from the past decade I think. But better than the latest LP called “Life On The James”. That’s my opinion in a nutshell.
Glad I finally was able to find and buy this one, although recently I’m well on track to collect that other label called Good Life Recordings…

One response to “Down To Nothing "All My Sons" RECORD RELEASE”

  1. need to get an 'all my sons' 7″ myself. i have 'life on the james' too and think it's their best stuff so far 🙂 looking forward to the goodlife stuff!

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