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7 Seconds EP Reissues

front cover of 7 inch

If Ray Cappo wore shirts of this band. And if Reaper Records uses the artwork of one of their releases. And if it’s important enough to reissue. Then I need to get it. These were my exact thoughts when I bought them. I did not know they came on colored vinyl. So when they were delivered and I checked them I was more than delighted.

The first one dates out of 1982 and is one of the most famous. Although the cover art is the most recognizable. And now is pressed on clear blue vinyl. What’s cool about this reissue is that it comes with explanations and writings of Kevin himself. A good concept since it is about music too. Putting the history and music in one package is the most effective I think.I will not repeat what is written up there. Therefore you can buy them. But after a first read, I can tell you it’s very interesting. About the non-racist ideals they spread and ofcourse it has nothing to do with Nazism. Also about the formation of the band and the never released recordings. Their first show in San Francisco together with some bigger names in Hardcore Punk. Very interesting to read and have, it draws a greater picture on the thin lines between and the misunderstanding about Skins and Hardcore.

7 seconds skins brains guts ep vinyl reissue

The second dates from 1983 and is called, “Committed For Life”. Is now pressed on red vinyl and also comes with a writing from Kevin Seconds about the release.

7 seconds vinyl ep 7 inch committed for life

Last but not least, comes the “Blast From The Past ep” that was released by Kevin Seconds own label Positive Force Records. Dates from 1985 and also Youth Of Today’s first ep called “Can’t Close My Eyes” was released by that label. Now pressed on clear gold vinyl.

7 seconds blasts from the past 7 inch ep reissue vinyl

 Here’s a shot of them all together:

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