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DRIVEN Cowardice Consumer Of The West 12 Inch


To start with the title, it is very critical for a person from the West for sure. That was the first impression I’ve got from seeing this record. Being a Belgian I might be guilty as charged too. Anyway I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t just stop living my life this way and put myself in a more difficult position. And give up my own welfare. Although I feel ashamed many people on the globe still struggle for survival.

It makes you think about it for sure. And that is a start. We need to help others without sacrificing our selves. Because when you do you aren’t able to help anymore.

driven cowardice consumer of the west lp color limited edition good life recordings vinyl
DRIVEN Cowardice Consumer Of The West  12 inch

So passionate the album is. It’s a piece of metalcore that I can appreciate, not too hard, not to soft but just good.  Chugging forward and melodic elements woven into audio greatness. Really good, I can taste it in it’s true veins immediately. I have been deprived of this record far too long it seems. Glad to have the goal of collecting Good Life releases, because without this goal I’d never had pushed that ‘buy-button’.

The record has a double-sided insert, most Good Life vinyl inserts are single-sided. The touching character of the lyrics – as with the title – keeps strong while reading them. Also every lyric comes with a long explanation and elaboration. Dealing with classical 90’s topics, homophobia, animal abuse, proliferation of religious statements by governments, reflections of own way of life, etc. Very inspiring read, not pretentious and intellectually fascist. Just argumentative and sincere.
Also reflections on what Hardcore Punk actually means to them. I’m also convinced it means something else for everybody who loves it. There are ways that cross and melt together but it remains individualistic and different for everybody. It can’t be defined or expressed in a way that will lead to everybody’s satisfaction about the definition. Everybody perceives it different and in his own means and convictions.

Light blue vinyl out of 227 copies only

I can’t find more info about the band at, the title seems sold out, erased and forgotten. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that it’s not present on their discography page also. Edward seems to have overlooked this one (hint to share more information about it).

Anyway I’m glad to have discovered this one, although the cover has wear. But that stands in the shadow of the great music and intelligent lyrical content.

5 songs only so rather an ep than an LP

Must have!

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