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V/A Assault City TEST PRESS

test press cover

As the releasing spree of Reaper Records reached an end for this year, they are doing auctions to keep the finances healthy. Anyway as usually is the case with auctions you can get lucky and score a bargain or pay too much. This time a well-deserved bargain score for a dedicated Reaper collector.

It concerns a test press of a compilation that documents the Syracuse Hardcore scene in the year 2004. More known as the V/A Assault City. I already made a post about the record here.

The cover is truly great and that’s one of the reasons why I went for it on eBay. People fighting in a backstreet. And on the back a shot from a movie I think, but I can’t recall what movie it’s taken from. I’m glad I have it, never thought I would actually, this thing is impossible to come by. If it were not for these auctions I think I’d never have found it.

various artist syracuse hardcore assault city test press compilation

The small chance of coming by this one was the other reason I had bid on it. According to the Reaper Records discography page my collection is complete now.

“Look At All The Children Now” was a 1990 hardcore compilation. But I do not immediately comprehend the reference to it. There’s also a L. Weston Harvey name mentioning on the front of the cover, probably the artist that made the design. And when you Google his name it’s confirmed that he is the artist and that he did more artwork assignments for NYHC releases.

Time will bring the answers.

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