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Dudsekop started out as a solo-project from Josh Fury. As the band saw the light of day during the Covid-19 period, when all cultural and musical activity was low, to non-existent. Because of restrictions imposed by the government. Josh Fury is well-known from bands like Congress and Liar and Bert drummed in Sektor, Liar and currently also in After All (and thus played three shows last year on Ieperfest). Bert initially wasn’t too enthusiastic to join in.

Dudsekop is West-Flemish dialect for a human skull. As the band name suggests all lyrics are in that same dialect. And so it makes the lyrics inaccessible to many people, even inside Belgium. As this dialect is regional and one of the corniest dialects… But those who understand the lyrics can relate to Josh in a more personal way, as it’s the language he speaks on a daily basis. Those who do not understand the lyrics, will enjoy this entry, as I will try and capture the true meaning of them.

What people can relate to universally, is the music. What musical style would you expect coming from this duo? Metal, for sure. But this time a tad different and a tad blacker than you might even imagine. They bring Black Metal while not leaving their Edge-Metal roots behind. What follows is a review of their first record, called “Liksems”. It is released by Genet Records in the first halve of 2022 on CD and coloured vinyl. It’s also available on many streaming platforms, since 2021.

‘n Dood Up Getepootn’ starts with an airy tune but then slowly drags you down under in jagged visions of humanity. It’s about the fact that Josh always wanted to give courage but now feels that crucial times are near. We shall stand or we shall fall. Also visions about the devil and idle hopes are described. Vocals stick like tarre and feathers to your skin when “Dood Up Getepootn” is screamed. These parts of idle courage and bleak despair are alternating in the mindset of this song.

‘Dran’ stands for dead. Josh starts with clean singing. But do not be fooled because the content is very dark. It’s describes the darkest parts of humanity, the deepest an darkest corners of the mind. Drums are very fast and bit by bit the the music slows down. To also realise that life is too short to have such dark thoughts. Before you even realise, you are dead…

‘Tranendal’ has the super fast drumming again, interrupted by guitar riffs, alternating between this drumming and riffing the song takes a start. But the song also intertwines both later on. It’s about the fact that Josh feels more at home in sad reality than in paradise. And that the promise or stories about a better world can be misleading and that you can’t be betrayed if you stay close to reality.

‘Koavezwort’ means as black as a chimney. And is a word to express the intense blackness of things. In this song ‘koavezwort’ is used to express the intense blackness of thought. The song is introduced by haunting shrieks and grunts. To later evolve to more melodic song writing accompanied with clean singing to express the content of the sometimes blackened and rotten mindset. At the end of the song everything turns into chaos, and evolves into a struggle or even a fight as their video clip suggests. This video clip is in cooperation with Dwid Hellion of Integrity.

‘Cauchemar’ stands for nightmare. It’s about the state of being between awoken and asleep. But it’s even deeper of meaning. Josh tells us about the inner struggle that holds people in a grip. It’s about the feeling of being no good. And the voice of conscience that tells a person hasn’t done enough to make this world a better place. And the inner dialog between this conscience and the inner selve. But that there’s still time to do good.
Musically it’s one of the more varied songs. Has riffs combined with numerous guitar licks. But also a hint of twisted melody.

‘Liksems’ is a song that reminds the most of Congress and Liar in the riffing. Also the gang vocals yelling “Dudsekop” in the beginning remind of the Hardcore days. It’s about the things he did for good and for bad. And what people said about him during his childhood and teenage years. But he became what he really wanted to be eventually. Also the musicians and music sound more harmonic when this is realised in the songs texts.

‘Gin Roste Noagel’ is figurative speech for not having much means or money in West-Flemish dialect. Is about the not so distant forefathers who worked on the fields to make a living and to survive. But also about the current generation that has everything but is never satisfied.
Musically is starts with a well played solo that sounds very difficult to play. Then the drums comes smashing in slowly in the beginning, fast later. Later more melodic solo’s are played. Varying tempo and riffs combined with guitar licks and solo’s, are the constant ingredients for this personal and diverse album.

‘Verweir’ is the final song and has a strong message. “Verweiren” is a West-Flemish verb and means “standing up for yourself” or “defend yourself”. It’s a strong and emotional message that indifference, injustice, crimes against humanity, betrayal, intolerance must be stood up against. And when it will be too late, humanity will realise that we had had better believed in those values.

Also the daughters of Josh Fury are playing on this album; one vocals and one piano. Also additional vocals by Bjorn Bossu, Hans Teirlinck, Tijs Verhelst, Christophe Deceuninck and Hans Verbeke. The compact disc version comes in a beautiful layout as digi pack. The front cover has embossed lettering and features artwork of Bart Reinier and Kevin Hensels.

Josh takes us through a journey of all kinds of Metal on this album. A wide variety of styles and techniques are well used. It’s a diverse piece of music. Lyrically it’s very adapted to this time period and this phase humanity is in. Also given the Covid-19 background of when this was made, it’s a strong achievement to have made this, despite the isolation and bad vibe in global society…

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