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Sheer Terror spite


Sheer Terror ‘spite’ was released in 2011. The release marked the comeback of the band after years of releasing no records. Music sounds fresh and heavy. Later they also released a few other titles through Reaper Records. These titles are ‘standing up for falling down‘ LP , ‘pall in the family‘ 7 inch and also an infamous flexi disc called ‘darkened days’ in 2016.

Reaper Records is a label that has always focused on past and present. Past bands had more specifically a link with the New York Hardcore scene. They released new releases by Maximum Penalty, Supertouch, Sheer Terror, Stigmata, Icemen and the reissue of the cassette of Zero Tolerance. Besides that they released upcoming bands as well, such as Turnstile, Dare, Backtrack. And also many others like Trapped Under Ice and Terror.

Here is the breakdown of all colours pressed:

black vinyl, first press out of 200 copies
record release cover, 50 copies hand numbered and stamped

This records is stamped on the inside and numbered as well. As usual date format in the stamp is European and not American, as Patrick Kitzel (label owner) comes from Germany. This is a rip off cover, based on an existing art work. But this needs further investigation. According to the cover comes from the Symarip ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ record and is a Reggae band.

source image: Discogs
pink vinyl, first press out of 350 copies
green vinyl, first press out of 400 copies
brown vinyl, first press out of 1000 copies
clear vinyl, second press out of 1000 copies

There is as usual also a test press made.

the view upon the band by the label

If I read this text written by the label, I would conclude if they are the father of today’s New York Hardcore scene. But then Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Antidote, The Abused definitely were the forefathers!

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