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INTEGRITY are back again with a split 7″ featuring a new song. Joined in their unholy quest they collaborate with some of the meanest motherfuckers from the deepest parts of hell, Californian madmen GEHENNA. A perfect match for a nicely executed and anticipated release.

A Parallel Hell

GEHENNA must be some of the blackest souls under that shiny Californian sun. They blast the listener away with not one but two tracks full of doom. A Parallel Hell opens up the gates of hell and is another brutal GEHENNA track as expected handling about this prison we dwell upon. Second track is Ampethamine Psychosis, a tale about the white lines and their effects.

A Parallel Hell

INTEGRITY joins this venture from the abyss with the promising title I Know Where Everyone Lives,
which probably is true since we couldn’t have attained this piece of art without leaving behind our coordinates, leaving Dwid in possesion of the location of our most private quarters. Enough smalltalk already.

I Know Where Everyone Lives is what i have been waiting to hear from INTEGRITY for a while now. Previous releases as The Blackest Curse we’re great also but the classics always kept creeping  up onto my recordplayer, untill now that is. This little 7″ is going to spin around a lot from now on.
A track full of tempo changes that remind of influences ranging from Mötley Cruë to Motorhead and the Holy Terror teachings. All brought in the INTEGRITY style, made famous with releases such as Humanity Is The Devil and Systems Overload. The influence of Orr’s guitarplay add that extra dimension that prove that after 24 years INTEGRITY still remain the masters in this game.

Hardcore porn angel
The inside of the album cover features the lyrics by both bands. On the top side of that a drawing fitting this release. A true piece of erotic art indeed. Very detailed drawings show us a scene starring a angelic pornstar throatfucking a rubesque woman that has small winged creatures sucking her breast and toes. The artwork resembles to the work of the Belgian painter Felicien Rops. I wonder what Freud would have said about this artwork? 
Pink, flowers and Gehenna !?
All this beauty comes on pink vinyl covered with floral themed centerlabels. A bit of a contrast regarding the pale content of the grooves on this pink vinyl. This version comes as the GOTU edition and released on 200 pieces, delivered at our doorsteps by the good works of Clint at Organised Crime Records. OCR helped out with the distro since Dwid was on tour when this was released. It still remains a Holy Terror label release but with help of some friends.

Integrity goes floral

Next to the GOTU edition the regular distro version, still available here.was released some time later and comes on 666 blue colored vinyls. Since this release is a split, two bandcolors haunt this wretched world and you need to get these through the actors in this play. 100 clear crystal meth colored records have left the plant into the hands of pushers such as GEHENNA who will trade their goods to the highest bidder on the road during their tour. Another 100 black colored vinyls found their way to INTEGRITY headquarters and will be released upon us soon. The last version is pressed on 100 green colored vinyls distributed during the INTEGRITY european tour in june this year. Review on that release here by mcs of Endlessquestrecords. With five colorways heading our way the hunt for a full collection of this precious item is on.

Future releases on OCR

Inside the package by Organised Crime Records a flyer could be found holding some info on future releases on the label. After the reissue of In Contrast Of Sin and Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Clint of OCR is going to take the next step by reissueing Humanity Is The Devil and Seasons In The Size Of Days, maybe this time the band will get their fair share of the proceedings? To kick off this series of reissues we will be treated with Systems Overload this summer according to the flyer. Looks like i’ll need to make some room on the shelves again…


6 responses to “GEHENNA INTEGRITY split 7"”

  1. What Freud thinks is indeed what we all need to know too… hehe (my joke)! Anyway not only drugs can evoque psychosis.

  2. Love the labels on this version!

  3. Wasn't this just the pre order version, rather than a GOTU exclusive, as it was posted on several sites.

  4. @Dicko: how can it be exclusive if it was posted on several sites?

  5. Dicko is always right in the end, it was not an GOTU exclusive but a regular pre-order. But it was first posted on the GOTU board so most of the 200 copies must have gone to GOTU members.

  6. Yeah Dicko must make a HOLY TERROR vinyl pressing info guide. Would be awesome, such a divers and complex matter…

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