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Original Ringworm The Promise LP

While last post was about the footprint of H8000 on a global scale this post is about the footprint from RINGWORM on H8000. Undeniable if you want to collect and understand your precious Belgian edge-metal, but also the more recent kings RISE AND FALL, you need to listen to and own this record.
I already had this kickstarter from the Cleveland area reviewed when I got the recent reissue from A389 Records.

No need to say that when I obtained this original pressing I’m even more taken back to that time when RINGWORM changed the face of many peoples definition of hardcore. Let me try to capture in words why that is.

Easy and concrete common sense lyrics got more of that dark demonic imagery in them. Also the mainly positive mindset of the hardcore bands and kids got darkened. The hardcore societies violent and aggressive nature was made aural and captured with musical instrument in the delivery of the new sound. I’m not a metal expert but I think RINGWORM got these influences from outside of hardcore as it was back then. And they  certainly listened to SLAYER and related bands…

The outcome of this adaptation from new elements outside of the “true” hardcore or the old school hardcore is fine in my opinion. And can be seen in light of natural flow of evolution and being open to other musical cultures and styles…

Anyway the color-version of the original LP looks good and getting this felt like a great achievement to me, so I made some pictures:

The classical cover art and the Marbled ORANGE record
ringworm the promise incision records orange vinyl LP clevo
Vinyl Close-up
Tracklist, line-up and label INCISION RECORDS

Also not necessary to search after this one, unless you are a record-collector, because DEATHWISH INC has this available on CD and as I said and repeat, A389 RECORDS made a gatefold vinyl reissue, but I think colored copies are sold by now. Check out an earlier post I made here


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