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Genre defining: Providence VS Hoodz

I like the United States versus Europe approach of Providence. Previous 7 inches vinyl featuring Providence versus King Of Clubz was clearly showing the difference between the two regions. Or magnifying and polarizing the characteristics of both continents…

The one band brought us hardcore with rich history background while the other brought pure minimalism, in line with other European bands.

This time another versus-approach or comparison-approach is brought to us by KNIVES OUT RECORDS. Again Providence challenges an American band, this time it’s Hoods. Differences are clear again. Differences are always clearest when both entities are put closely together in place and time. Like putting them next to each other on a 45 RPM 7 inch.

Providence brings us a pure sensational track filled with anger and aggression. Definitely coming close to the most pissed and brutal track I’ve heard in a while. Resetting the standard-feelings of aggressive music. Just like many European band do nowadays, just think about Six Foot Ditch for example. Hardcore can be defined by Providence’s sensational approach but it’s nothing without judgement, thought and reason inside.

And that’s were the other band comes in, Hoods bring us their interpretation of Hardcore’s ultimate and maybe main question, are you friend of foe? Judging others on their reliability. That is – as you should know – a song by NYHC’s godfathers Agnostic Front.

Cool to have these two songs closely together as it give us a very good insight of hardcore, almost exemplary for the Hardcore genre. Combine the characteristics of these two songs with a very well done artistic layout and we have a perfect and tangible piece that is almost genre-defining. I like it… a lot!

providence hoods 7 inch picture disc first press
Picture disc with die-cut cover 7inch
Record taken out of the package
numbah 10 out of 300!!!! And embossed Knives Out Records logo

Feel free to leave comments, as this is my interpretation of this piece of art; You might have another! Also there’s more to come of TonR and his colleague Kristel!

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