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SUPERTOUCH Gatefold and SHELTER Represses

Reality Records hooked me up with some crucial represses of classics from the two important decades’ turning point, 1990. I actually ordered them immediately after seeing them appear on their webshop. No hesitation involved.

The first 1990 record is the full-length of the band Supertouch. Originally the release was meant to come in a gatefold cover, but Revelation thought of that to be too expensive back then. Now in 2013 the record has been given the treatment intended way back and is released on color vinyl and in that slick gatefold sleeve. Anyway look up this post on Double Cross to see the blueprint in the Rev Files about the cover. It’s the third post on Thursday, July 23, 2009… Cool to know isn’t it?

2013 gatefold repress on blue
supertouch the earth is flat lp blue gatefold cover revelation records
semi opaque or semi clear blue

The second 1990 record was originally pressed on maroon and black. It’s the first Shelter release and was released by Revelation Records. As the cover suggests, Ray – the frontman – was already into Hare Krishna after ending Youth Of Today. This is the quick history about this, in case you want to know more, maybe Double Cross would be a better source.

“With myself as the center,
thinking that this world evolves around me,
I’ll never see the difference between illusion and reality”

2013 Repress on red vinyl

2 responses to “SUPERTOUCH Gatefold and SHELTER Represses”

  1. Yes, that why I made the picture. A winner packaging… Out-classing all the rest. it's a heartwarming parcel in this rainy weather as you can see through my window.

  2. man, that blue supertouch vinyl colour looks rad!

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