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GLR: xDisciplex and Spread The Disease LPs

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cover LP

Two missing colored Good Life Recordings LPs found in Germany recently. I don’t know that much about them so I feature them together in one post. My Good Life label and sub-labels collection is becoming quite vast it seems. Should count about 60 12 inches at least, haven’t listed them, so I can’t know exact numbers. Seems like I got some work to do.

Anyway, although these titles didn’t sell so good at Good Life, as we are 14 years later and they are still available. I was very pleasantly surprised when I took a deeper look into them. So I will share my findings in this post.

xDisciplex “No Blood, No Altar Now”

Somewhere between New York and Cleveland lays Erie, it’s where this band comes from. They are also known as Disciple A.D. According to Discogs they should have produced records in a time-span of 8 years. Which is I think surprisingly long. Especially when I never heard some of their work.

But to my pleasant surprise I can dig this 1999 record of xDisciplex musically. Real solid thundering riffs for a metalcore mood. Reminds me of Skycamefalling and Poison The Well.

Regarding the content, they are a Catholic band which is pretty obviously seen at the artwork and when reading the lyrics. The song texts are almost like prayers.

Solid purple vinyl out of 300 copies
Slight black stripes in the center
Simple but iconic lay-out

Spread The Disease “The Sheer Force Of Inertia”

This record is hard to classify. It has experimental electronic parts interchanged with melodic and rolling metal riffs. Truly divers pieces of metal. The band’s based in Ontario, Canada. And this is the vinyl version of a release also on Eulogy. Has got a niece fold-open booklet, printed in full color.

Full-colored insert
fold open insert
Good Life: LP versions | Eulogy: CD version

The vocals are not understandable yet very filthy and evil sounding. The lyrics have a very abstract character. It’s like a try to make a scientific or mechanistic approach to feelings and views. A weird mechanization of words or language. Don’t totally know or comprehend.

Anyway there’s also a piece of evolutionary philosophy of author Nicols Fox who wrote books like “Against The Machine” . Making considerations of the mechanization of our surroundings and way of handling, and the critics upon it but also the consequences of this evolution and chances upon our health and well being. An apocalyptic vision picturing mankind’s demise. As we underestimate the collateral growth and enforcement of the miniature microbial world that spreads and creates human diseases.

The philosophic piece

I think the entire album evolves around that more or less. It’s a very original and philosophical take that isn’t widely spread in Hardcore. Although songs of Morning Again “America Online” also kind of deal with this phenomena. But this album kind of specializes and totally focuses upon the matter. And totally drifts away from the usual concrete topics in metalcore like unity, straight-edge, social situations,  emotions, etc…

spread the disease lp vinyl white good life record
White vinyl out of 203 copies only

If you feel like having a physical black copy yourself, don’t hesitate. Because the above one is included in the 4 euro sale. And the xDisciplex is for 9 euro also available…

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