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SEKTOR Ultimate Threat 7 Inch

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A perfect day to write about and express my fascination for the first Sektor vinyl to be released on SOBER MIND Records. This record was engineered in March 1996 by Sektor and Tony Midas. So despite what many peeps say or think this record can’t be released before this date.

It only comes on black vinyl and is said to be out of thousand, but I’m not 100% convinced about the correctness of this data. It’s a lot and maybe too many to be true.

I found a copy at Green Hell, the label that distributed this already in the 90’s, so it’s old distro-stock. And I was sure of the great condition. Also Good Life and Sober Mind themselves distributed this one, to get back to the facts.

Sektor Ultimate threat 7 inch sober mind records h8000
Sektor “Ultimate Threat” 7 inch

As you can see there’s silhouette of a person on the cover. The contrast of cold blue and hot red creates a perfect tension that goes perfectly with the atmosphere a threat creates. And so goes perfectly with the title of the release I think.

Altar Boy‘ is the first songs and deals lyrically with the personal satanic perception of someone serving priests in catholic ceremony. The way people are raised in catholic circles is seen as harmful and the root of evil. Be warned back in those days such lyrics came hard to some of the kids who were raised that way. Also in a Christianized society this was brutal.

The second song ‘Debase‘ takes us to another level of pure anger towards sexual offenders. The will to humiliate such people big time, cutting their manhood away. Debase them in other words and then throw them away, because locking them up isn’t the right way.

The third song I do not fully understand, it’s called ‘xIllusionx‘. The X’s might refer to straight-edge for sure. And maybe it’s about the illusion of happiness created by drugs? The flee from reality people take when being drugged. The fight against that culture of drugs. But also the cry to keep seeing reality as it is and be persistence in the drug-free and cruelty culture…

The B-side is an sonic excerpt taken from the game Mortal Kombat, where the fighter Sektor defeats someone in a fight and finishes him…

Essential record that can be scooped up for a few bucks, if you come by one…

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