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Green Christmas Gremlin

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cover band edition

Sometimes it feels like you get nothing back for what you do in life. But I fully realize that the essence is to feel great about what you do inside your self. Other people aren’t always good at being positive about others. I have always felt this way about collecting records. Some people ask me why I collect Reaper Records for example. It’s because I like it and feel good inside about what I do.

Current internet heroes feel that way when getting many likes and views. If this feels like an achievement for them, so be it. I won’t hold it against them. But it’s not only their merit that they can feel this way. Because the Instagram and Facebook technology is a not to underestimate force behind it also. The real-time connectivity realized by this technology holds a share in creating the feeling of togetherness. I have always tried to make a change in the real physical world also. On the field itself. I always tried to stay as objective as possible, although with music this can not always be realized. I am biased by my taste and background also. The technology is old. And far less embedded and wide spread than the technology of Facebook. But you can write more text and post more and bigger photos which I still feel as a plus. Also no stupid small digital keyboards that I can’t type texts with.

For those who still read this, you know how it went already. Bought this version of the Out Crowd 7 inch accidentally. Listed wrongly by seller for the record release. Being too fast and not inquisitive enough can lead to these events. Although the situation turned out to being surprised and discovering a record that I had never seen before.

Gremlins cover, numbered out of 50 on dust sleeve
Christmas tree screen print

I would like to know the meaning of that cover. Can be a fantasy also. Feels like a meaningless Christmas tree printed on it to. The cover feels weird to me because it’s not clear in meaning and message. This in contrast to the band’s lyrics.

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  1. Haha! The christmas tree is funny!

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