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Out Crowd "Just Us" record release

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There was a moment in time when this blog had lots of views. There was a big crowd that craved new posts. There were people looking for information on Google being directed to this site. Nowadays all of this changed. The views declined to about 10% maximum compared to the views in those times.
Actually I don’t mind since this has always been a non-profit. And the main reason was and still is that this is a tool to communicate with like minded people who also collect records. Especially in Hardcore circles you have to go international to meet like-minded people.

So nowadays it’s just us and nobody else. The biggest crowd is gone. This record is appropriate to that situation. It’s one of those records from the Reaper Records catalogue that hadn’t too much attention back then, let stand now. But I needed it and was looking for it since I knew it existed. The first time I saw it, I bought it on . But there are no unique photo’s on that site and the item was listed wrongly as ‘record release’ so I got another version I did not expect. I left the seller positive feedback because I hadn’t seen this version and didn’t have it also. It was another version also dated but not on the release date.

Now I have bought another one listed as ‘record release’ and it’s the correct one. I knew it before I received it, since I sent the seller a photo I found on the internet and he confirmed to me that it was this exact version. A little precaution can’t hurt, this is a lesson learned.

Out Crowd “Just Us” record release cover

It’s an extra cover with four live shots of the band in action. The record comes on red vinyl with the Out Crowd solidarity logo (the triple hand shake) on the A-side label. The cover also has a short fold over flap with the date, the band name, the record title and the date of the release show (7/7/12). There is also numbering out of 50, this copy is number 35.

Out Crowd “Just Us” record release #35/50

The record also comes with the Out Crowd logo printed on a clear plastic sheet. It’s actually quite cool to see through but rather hard to make clear in a picture:

see through plastic with the Out Crowd logo printed on it

Out Crowd was a band from Atlanta, USA who played Hardcore in vein of Youth Of Today. They were a short lived band who also got another record, a split release and also a demo…

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