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hangman's chair hope dope rope lp vinyl
Vive La France

These are the keywords that summarise the latest release of the misantropic dopefiends from Paris, France. 
Hope/Dope/Rope is the third full album by HANGMAN’S CHAIR and comes only two years after the previous released album Leaving Paris. 
But in those two years some line-up changes took place which led to the new era and sound of these parisians. Armed with a new masterpiece they give you an insight on some of Paris most grimiest alleys, they’re combination of stoner / doom takes you on a trip of lunacy and maniacs. 


HANGMAN’S CHAIR started in 2005 in Paris and features members hailing from influential bands such as ES LA GUERILLA, L’ESPRIT DU CLAN and ARKANGEL. In 2007 the first split with Eibon and the first album Lament For The Addicts was released and exposed the rough sound of these parisians to the world. Follow up Leaving Paris saw the light in 2010, also the year they lost an important member of the band, RIP Sid-Ahmed. But 2012 is the year HANGMAN’S CHAIR returns with a new vocalist and a new approach. Even more slowed down, heavy, down tuned guitars and brilliant song composing skills led to this masterpiece Hope/Dope/Rope. 

Bleu / Blanc / Rouge

The album has been released through the french grindcore label Bones Brigade Records, run by Nico Bones. Available as a limited edition colored vinyl, a gatefold cover containing the album on CD and a limited 100 pieces of purple vinyl are roaming the streets as we speak. A black edition is also available, but i do not have knowledge of pressing numbers yet. 

Printed sleeve

With remaining members Mehdi ( ARKANGEL) and Julien Chanut (ARKANGEL), they attracted new blood in the likes of Clément Hanvic (L’ESPRIT DU CLAN) on bass and new vocalist Cedric Toufouti (INHATRED) who helped out in the development of HANGMAN’S CHAIR into an epic band. Slow, agonizing down tuned guitars scream out all through this release, guided by sound excerpts from Joe Coleman ( ‘shocking’ american artist-performer ) this album is one hell of a trip through the deepest sewers of human life. 

Dedicated to Sid-Ahmed, RIP

HANGMAN’S CHAIR have a split 7″ released in 2012 aswell with DRAWERS, still available through 
Mooddisorder. Limited on clear red vinyl, only 260 made. 

hangman's chair hope dope rope lp color blue purple vinyl
Purple vinyl / 100

The artwork of this release is amazing too, simple drawings depicting a very french atmosphere,
from the darkest, deepest slums of Paris, misantropic creatures representing Hope, Dope and Rope,
showing their brutal reality to all.

Have a listen here to HANGMAN’S CHAIR Bandcamp.
or watch the trailer featuring some words by apocalyptic prophet Joe Coleman,
a true performer and artiste. Have a  look at his paintings here.

Hope/Dope/Rope is a masterpiece and a must have for all you fans of LOT, ARKANGEL, Holy Terror, and other apocalyptic dark arcane sounds.



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  1. Maybe you should put a link in the post where peeps can get that LP?

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