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DRAWERS are a french band that has been playing their mixture of heavy sludge with stoner metal since 2006. Previous releases date back to 2009 with the EP This Is Oil and last years full album All Is One.

Slow heavy riffs are the base of their side to this split released through Moodisorder productions, hailing from France Order here. . Tears Never Come Alone is a track for all you afficiandos of bands such as
MASTODON, CROWBAR and BARONESS. A very nice opener of this limited split 7″.

HANGMAN’S CHAIR needs no introduction anymore if you read my previous post on their latest release Hope/Dope/Rope, a cult classic already in my opinion. Previous post here.

HANGMAN’S CHAIR  part of this split features the track I Am The Problem, another display of applying the french touch to their style of playing loud sludge doom metal … A perfect soundtrack that matches the split’s macabre artwork and overall feeling.
Hangman’s Chair

As said before this release came in april 2012 through Moodisorder Productions, a fresh french label
that ships fast and friendly, even got a thank you not in my 7″ mailer. This release comes on clear red vinyl and is limited to 260 pieces. So get yours before it falls into the hands of some other nut.

hangman's chair drawers split 7 inch vinyl red
Tears Never Come Alone

If you feel the need to take it a bit slower than the normal adreline driven hardcore then this split can offer a slower approach to heavy music. Check out both bands their bandcamp here, DRAWERS and HANGMAN’S CHAIR, and support these independent bands that developed their own style of hardcore influenced music.

hangman's chair drawers split vinyl 7 inch record red
I Am The Problem


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  1. Quite a lot of money for a single 7inch. And the wholesale deals don't seem that interesting either. If you sell all 20 copies for 8€ you have a 40€ profit? Don't know that much about wholesale, have to ask someone…

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