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Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection

A good day to make a picture and publish my Have Heart “The Things We Carry” collection. There were 4 colors pressed in three pressings. Here you can see the 4 colors. Actually there are two more other versions of this record. Namely the record releases. These record releases have the regular gatefold sleeve but with letters and symbols sprayed on it in white spray. They were sold at the End Of Summer Jam in August 2006. I won’t try to obtain the record releases because after having the 4 colors I see the chapter of collecting this record closed.

have heart the things we carry lp collection bridge 9
The Blue/Yellow is the most limited first pressing (/260) and the Brown/Orange is the second the second color of the first pressing (/640). The Yellow with Green splatter is the second pressing out of 1000. And the tri-color is the final pressing. The tricolor third pressing hasn’t got a gatefold sleeve anymore and the colors of the print are slightly different than the gatefold ones.

You have to hand it to Bridge Nine Records; they surely have made the most beautiful LP’s ever with this release.

A pitty though that there is a proliferation of these on ebay. Everything Have Heart is surely highly desired on that online market platform. And the prices swing out. Make no illusion I’m keeping these for the rest of my life !!

have heart the things we carry lp blue yellow first press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp brown orange first press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp yellow splatter second press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp tri color vinyl bridge 9


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