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The Second Rise Above 7 inch

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The sound has in my opinion quite evolved compared to the first 7″. Not in a bad way, because it is more daring. But also more conform to the hardcore of that time, I mean more recognizable. I guess because they weren’t so much alone with their morals and believes any more. They already warmed the fans up and themselves too. But they are still making an uncompromised message. The band was pretty go-ahead for Europe, with Hazel (the female bass player) singing a back off song. You can feel the anger from later H8000 projects already coming in this song. On the back off the insert there is a picture that was used for the limited first seven inch.

This 7″ is actually an official bootleg. It was the ‘B Is For Boston’ that was repressed by a friend of the band and they called it ‘B Is For Bootleg’. The label name they used was Warehouse Records. And the record has catalogue number House #01

My record has a dark orange sleeve, not sure if there are other sleeves in circulation though. Here’s the picture of this release.

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  1. I should have asked you first, but I set it straight now. Thanks for correcting my well meant effort.

  2. The Yellow sleeve is called 'Skatepark Sleeve Edition'. Pic taken @ Roeselare skatepark where we played a show for skater kids.l-r : Hazel, Ed, Hans, Steve.The official bootleg was made by a friend of theband, Goofy, not a band-member.The orange sleeve is something silly that Goofy did. I think for the first or second 7″ there also exists a ltd. purple cover edition that Hazel did, don't have it.We were obsessed with Boston Hardcore, hence thetitle of the 2nd 7″. The lyrics for one song were all the SSD album titles, LOL.laterz,Ed

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