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Have heart The Things We Carry Surprise edition


Today the mailman delivered me my pre-order of the new repress of this landmark LP by Have Heart. I was browsing the Bridge 9 site and checking the store but nothing that I wanted was in it. But merely a minute later, while I was browsing, this red repress appeared. I read the description and needed now further arguments to order this repress, in order to have all the colours existing.

But it was also announced that there would be a special surprise edition inserted randomly into pre-orders. So I ordered two right away. When I realized I did this, playing on the lottery as I called it, I was really pissed that I took my chance. But later I consoled myself by saying that an extra red copy would do no harm. But somewhere deep inside I still hoped that I would get the surprise edition.
As time passed on I forgot about the whole scene I went through after ordering this, but then I took notice of the fact that the package arrived. And then the whole scene started over again, just until I opened it and saw that I got this out of 100 copies made Have Heart the Things We Carry LP:

have heart the things we carry LP gatefold black vinyl pressing

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