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Agnostic Front Victim In Pain Bridge 9 Test Press

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Bridge 9 Records is doing an amazing run of reissues lately. With the goal of educating and making available the most important NYHC classics, they recently reissued the Victim In Pain Lp from Agnostic Front. They also made an Underdog discography also and a reissue of Underdog’s first 7″. On top of that, the Antidote “Thou Shalt Not Kill” 7 inch that was released only a few days ago…

If that doesn’t earn your respect,…

So what we have here is the testpressing of the one and only legal reissue of this hardcore-defining album. Very proud to have this. It was for sale from the B9 closet a couple of months ago.

agnostic front victim in pain test press bridge nine reissue nyhc

The testpress I won, is number 19 out of 20. The band logo is stamped on the label along with the title. And both inks are in different color, so there were two stamps.

On the B-side is stamped the logo of Bridge Nine.

As you can see it came in a plastic vinyl tote bag. The kind of bags they often use for picture discs also. But enough pressing details for now, lets give my interpretation of that defining record:

On the streets you constantly face an ugly side of this capitalistic society. Fights on the streets for freedom in a environment ruled by money and  fascists. Everyone deserves to be free. But what is freedom? According to Agnostic Front it isn’t money as society suckers believe. Nor is it Nazi heroism, nor hiding inside by not expressing your true feelings. This is just hypocrite. You must be yourself and become the difference. Or strive for a personal liberation and supporting your fellows’ personal liberation.

That society we live in isn’t really what it seems like to the mainstream. If you realize or witness this and choose to react against it, you become part of the problem for the guardians of societies rules. But how can you bear and do this on your own? If alone with facing the hate, denial and ignorance of your truth you can easily become a victim in pain, that’s why we need to stick together. Because with your friends and by building a united scene, you become strong and able to make that difference. Friendship and hardcore heal that pain!

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