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Humanity Is The Devil Remix LP

cover Halloween edition

I had a very strong feeling about past year’s Halloween surprise package of Organized Crime Records. The hint was “for those who liked the 2012 package”. This hint combined with the fact that “Humanity is The Devil” was recently reissued on the label and combined with the fact that there already was a digital version of a remix in existence, made me get this strong feeling.

Some peeps from USA, who got it early, posted about it on Instagram, so I actually was more or less confirmed about it. Last week between Christmas and New Year the package arrived and I was still not completely sure until I listened to it.

The remix sounds far less produced than the mix for the original Victory pressing, which gives it a more natural sound. The remixed sound takes a while to adapt to, as the original is such a classic that already sounds perfect nonetheless. It’s always difficult in a way to accept the new sound, certainly for classics. I think this works but looses it’s destructive nature in a way.

Integrity “Humanity Is The Devil” Halloween 2016

The package is similar to the package of the “System Overload” remix, which David reviewed very well back in the beginning of 2013. The cover is a double sided poster and the record comes on red marbled vinyl. All packaged into a space bag, with mentioning of the year and Halloween. There is also an insert that has a text written by Dwid Hellion himself on the inside. There is also numbering, my copy is 86 out of 213.

Insert with tracklisting and numbering with text on the inside
Stamped black dust sleeve
Halloween MMXVI (2016)

There was also a shirt included, if somebody wants it, contact me and I’ll give it to you…It’s and XL. I don’t hoard shirts. It’s a black shirt with a gold print.

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  1. good post! i hadn't seen this until seeing this post. looks good, and just like the 2012 record, which is cool. i like consistency!

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