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Turnstile "Move Thru Me"


The new Turnstile record is short in duration but I’m still glad to hear some fresh tunes. The layout of the record is completely in accordance to the ‘motion’ theme of the release. You have to turn the cover around to be able to read all what is printed on it. Upside down and from left to right, don’t know if they had that in mind when they made them but it seems obvious to me.

The music is a step back from the Nonstop Feeling LP. The sound contains less Nu Metal and again more groove like Step 2 Rhythm. For which I am glad, I always thought the LP to be a step too far. The last song is a cover from the Revelation Records band Give…

They are on a new label, called Pop Wig, that label also released the latest Angel Du$t release. No longer on Reaper Records, don’t know why Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Terror suddenly stopped the cooperation with Reaper Records. Reaper Records have always done a great job as far as I know and experienced. This implies that I will also be only buying one colour of this 7 inch.

It’s a yellow version that was sold exclusively at Deathwish Inc.

Vinyl is pressed at Pirates Press on European soil, Czech Republic to be more precise. There are other colours, pink and lavender probably suit the cover more:

200 White
300 Pink
500 Yellow (Deathwish Inc. Exclusive)
1000 Lavender
1500 Black

The Pop Wig store is hosted by Limited Run and Pop Wig is a label based in Maryland.

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