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Illiterate Compilation

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This is a compilation from the mid nineties released on an American Hardcore label. The label owner released this compilation for two reasons in general. The first one is that he thinks the American Hardcore is being too self sufficient and ignore the rest of the world and he thinks that this is wrong. The other reason is that he wants to criticise the fact that everything in the media is too visually constructed. With images, television, commercials, video games being all around us. Kent (Ebullition Records label owner) became aware of that trend already in 1995. So he made a record that has only European bands and only has writings and but a few images.

The record also comes with some of Kent’s writings and band information in a 32 page booklet. There is another version, the first version, that has got no cover, to put the accent on only writings and music.

The main reason that I bought this is because it has a Blindfold track on it. I became a big Blindfold fan over the years, while I wasn’t in my teenager years.

Personally I think the visually oriented stream of information has only increased with social media (and Instagram by example) over the years. Luckily there’s a few die hard bloggers out there who still want to write some words along with their record pictures, instead of only hash-tags…

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  1. Decent compilation, but most of these songs haven't held up over the years…although, a few, like the Blindfold song, are still great today.

  2. #bringbacktheblogs 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t call the music ’outdated’, but rather ‘different’, more crust punk than hardcore.

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