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Uniform Choice demo LP

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The demo of the Orange County Straight-Edge pioneers Uniform Choice is pressed on a 12 inch for the first time ever recently for record store day. So I discovered after that day. Was looking to buy the Uniform Choice demo double seven inch on eBay and when I was looking up some information about it on Discogs, I discovered that there was a record store day reissue of those demo tracks out there. So I quickly acted and ordered a copy of it through mail order. This one isn’t supposed to be available outside a physical record store. Because it’s pressed to be sold on record store day. It was a tad more expensive probably online.

The demo is truly great, has the songs from the Screaming For Change LP on it. These demo versions of those songs sound more natural and less far produced. More initial and primitive than the definitive LP versions. Pat Dubar’s vocals are cleaner and more natural also. Getting and hearing this is really something for the Uniform Choice fan I am. Have always considered the SFC LP as one of the greatest of the 80’s.

Packaging is top also. White gatefold cover with the classical cover and beautiful layout filled with live pictures. It has got two inserts also, one with the lyrics and the other a live photo and graphical artwork on the back side.

I’ve learned there are white copies also out there, those that were actually meant to be sold online. Looks like those white copies are rarer also. This demo was originally released by Nemesis Records on an inconvenient double seven inch of which also some totally rare blue copies exist.

record store day RSD mankind records
Uniform Choice demo LP pressed by Mankind Records
clear red vinyl pressed for record store day 2018

Was regretting I bought this after I ordered. I am trying to buy less records and save some cash. But all in all a great outcome and glad to have it.

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