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Info about the final Internal Affairs release

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While browsing through the Six Feet Under Records webstore I noticed the final Internal Affairs release. It is called ‘Evil Egyptians’. Well it is actually a reissue of a couple of months older – special co-operation between Dälek, Triumvir and Internal Affairs – release.
The original release was a press of 500 in full copies on 4 colours in a 12 inch format. Somehow when I saw this release on the Reflections web store I knew I had to act quickly and order it. So I did and received the black version. This version is the regular press, the amount of copies is unknown (Can’t find it anywhere).
Thinking quickly further I thought there must be a colour version, I hadn’t checked the sites about this release then. But suddenly I had the idea of visiting the Deathwish inc. web store, and yes; they had the blue band pressing. So I ordered it and received it.

INFO: there are 4 colours of this one-sided 12″ pressed. The white version is the Triumvir version, the green version is the Dälek and some copies are signed by him on the dust sleeve. The blue one is the band press, which was (partly?) sold on the Deathwish e-store. And the black version was sold in distro’s like RevHQ and ReflectionsHQ. Although Revelation also had some coloured copies. It was going so fast that Revelation limited it to one per customer after a short amount of days.

2 responses to “Info about the final Internal Affairs release”

  1. If only I would have know that… I would have saved on shipping for sure!

  2. We special-ordered the color versions for a couple of our customers, happy puppies ! But that’s why you never saw it in our store :))have a fun day,Edward

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