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Nations On Fire – A Discography (incomplete)

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I noticed on AsIce a lot of interest in Nations On Fire. I have here the complete discography of the band, including cover pictures and pressing info! I have only found this out today also. And they released a lot more than I expected.

Just click on the photographs to get a larger view:

I have edited this post because there were some witty remarks from people who read this blog. When you read the comments you’ll see it is definitely incomplete, because there was a band member here who said it was. I would like to apologize for this mistake !

5 responses to “Nations On Fire – A Discography (incomplete)”

  1. incomplete plus some stuff also never came out :))

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing But Fire 7″ Pits EditionDeath Of The Prolifer tapeare missing!Would be cool if you could make a complete list. 🙂

  3. Hi dude, I have that Nothing but Fire 7″ and the CD of the Death Of A Prolifer.To whom am I speaking? I asked to at least post under a nickname… Because there could be a ton of different people all under one name “Anonymous”. LOL

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