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INTEGRITY Kingdom Of Heaven Test Press

One year into collecting has had his effect on my bank account and my relation.

Both suffered from the many hours spent on browsing, buying and discussing my latest purchases.
Hours spend behind turntables and computers have left me with an ever growing lump on my back,
damaged hearing and virtually no social life anymore.
But a while ago it actually all fell into place. As i opened my mailbox i witnessed a square piece of
brown cardboard. One that could fit a 7″. Maybe it could be the one that i ordered two weeks prior?
I opened it up and their was my long awaited INTEGRITY test press EP, namely THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – THE ARACA SESSIONS. I was greeted by the custom artwork made by DWID HELLION  for this Test Press record of one of my all-time favorite bands ever. Throughout my whole time being into Hardcore and Punk music, i’ve always was in awe of the sheer power and energy of INTEGRITY. Ever since i heard of them during the H8000 era in the early nineties, they struck me down with their brutal reality balled into songs that want to make you take over the pit and leave nothing but ear tunnels and shards of tattooed skin on the floor, leaving no one behind and moshing them all into a bloody piece of pulp. INTEGRITY has always been on my path and record-player, their songs calm me down when i feel my anger rising. Nothing beats putting on a INTEGRITY record to get you going when this gray world creeps you down.

DWID’s creature of the night

As stoked as i was to have this in my possession, i was once again greeted with another astonishment.
The cover of the Test Press, once a blank white sleeve was transformed into an original DWID HELLION creation. A picture of some sort of demonic vampire with crosses carved in his forehead stared at me. Fangs out, looking ferociously. I fell in love instantly, and we all know that Love is the only weapon.

integrity kingdom of heaven 7 inch dwid hellion drawing cover test press vinyl

You can see the stripes of the marker used and it even comes through the other side of the paper. Different materials and techniques were used for this picture and it really comes all together in this image. A dark creature with gray surroundings ready to creep into the night, what could make a better match with the inside of this cover; a 7″ of mind twitching ‘Apocalyptic’ screams accompanied by unleashed guitars and bestial beats. To top it all of it’s signed at the bottom by DWID himself : ‘ALL THE BEAST, DWID HELLION’

Beastial greats

The first press of this album is released through A389 RECORDINGS and still available in black vinyl and a few red copies ( band color?)  popped up one day on a certain HOLY TERROR related website, but already sold out by now.  A fellow collector has a nice blog  about the white version (visit A Money Pit) , i believe this is the A389 Records pre-order version.


But enough BS about the artwork, what’s really the reason for this purchase is the music by ‘THE BEAST’.
This is not really a new release, since it contains three ‘old’ songs. Nothing new there you would say, but
these three songs just happen to be three of the best Integrity songs ever made. Dating over 20 years back, so we’re talking 1992, the magical time were i was immersed into Hardcore and hailing from the H8000
you could not deny the legacy Integrity had on that scene now and then, even globally.
These songs have been recorded with former drummer David Nicholi Araca ( RIP 1994) before his departure from this hellhole, and can be found on ‘Den of Inquity (1993).
The three ‘classics’ on this 7″ are ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, ‘Rebirth’ and ‘ Eighteen’.
Demonstrating that even a more Hardcore than Metal inspired song by INTEGRITY can be more wicked and aggressive than any “church burning” black metal band.
This album is a perfect hit of art in this ‘gray’ existence of ours.
The HOLY TERROR cult has spread out and many bands follow in the footsteps of DWID, some even with the approval of the BEAST himself and with the seal of approval of the ‘PROCESS’ 4P logo on their albums and merch. No one can beat the originators though (some do come really close to reach the same level as the mighty INTEGRITY), even though the message brought by these bands serves the same goal as the masters themselves. THE HOLY TERROR CHURCH OF FINAL JUDGMENT is taking the world by storm nowadays, so the end must be nigh. Time to repent all you sinners, i’m going down with this 7″ blasting waiting for the final WAR.

URP Test Press side B

As it is, So it be.

Eternal thanks to Jack Abernathy for this gift of Art.


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  1. You should also mention that 2 of the tracks on this 7″ 1st appeared on the infamous Integrity/Mayday split.

  2. thanks Gavin, we'll try to keep it up with many releases coming up. Dicko, your remark is noted and we'll edit the post with the new info.

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