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CLEVO HARDCORE, home of the violence!
As proclaimed by Jack Abernathy on Palm Sunday.
CLEVO, home of the mighty RINGWORM.

RINGWORM has always been one of the flag bearers of violent hardcore in the 90’s, together with other CLEVELAND originals such as INTEGRITY and ONE LIFE CREW. In the early 90’s they set the tone ( along others) for many bands and local scenes by introducing a metal influenced infusion into hardcore. Alongside the darker sound and aesthetics followed an even more violent following in the moshpit turning shows into battles for survival. Shocking to some, good clean fun to others. Certain crews could get a bit ecstatic in the pit (remember the KDS crew) but all turned out well and nothing some muscle ointment couldn’t fix happened. If you can’t handle the heat then it’s better to stay out. There’s plenty a room on the sideline if you don’t wanna get physical with these creatures from the underground unleashing their demonic powers on the stage and dance-floor.
No one can not deny that RINGWORM, along others, had a great influence on scenes such as the H8000 back in the early nineties. The impact of early releases in their careers, such as THE PROMISE can be heard in several H8000 and other productions during the 90’s. In the expression through music of one’s anger and  inner demons channeled through distorted guitars and horrifying screams. Or even in the apocalyptic imagery and aggressive lyrics. Many have followed in the path of  RINGWORM, in the same vein a whole movement even arose that has a certain affection for dark, occult and mysterious themes and aesthetics,  sonically translated in a brutal noise for all of us to enjoy and to get physical on.

ringworm scars LP cover
Front Cover

Being a fan of this particular band since hearing THE PROMISE i didn’t hesitate to pick me up a copy of their latest album SCARS (2011) last year. It’s been a while since i picked up a good VICTORY band in my vinyl collection, so RINGWORM has joined the ranks on my record-shelfs.

Back Cover

With titles as VOLUNTARY HUMAN EXTINCTION and HELLBOUND you already know this isn’t gonna be no happy sing along and let’s all be friends album, I’m talking Death, Chaos and Disorder riding in on pale horses. Overall the main message here is : Humanity is doomed. They challenge you to take a closer look at our modern world and all of it’s atrocities.
Don’t take this too literally but rather look at it as a form of self expression where certain imagery and ideas are used to make a certain statement. Too some this may be shocking or offensive but in the end it’s only a way of portraying their ideas.
Blood runs through the hands of the person hiding his hands on the album cover, a feeling you might experience listening to this album, grasping for air after screaming of the tops of your lungs with HUMAN FURNACE alongside guiding you straight to hell. The artwork is mostly composed of bloody red and other macabre colors, setting the image for a dark mysterious journey into the netherworld, a display of ancient wisdom and believes to be spread by these CLEVO legends. The vinyl itself is of a nice color of red.

Blood red vinyl

RINGWORM created another masterpiece with hard hitting songs full of rage, anger and frustration.
All served into a nice concept package, to instill fear into those who don’t get it and love for those who acknowledge it and might even find this record a display of beauty and art.
If you’d like to endure this yourself and make up our own twisted mind on this matter then Click Here.
RWHAF is not responsible for any damages caused by listening to this music, so if you do decide to thrash your home by windmilling your way through while listening, don’t come crying to us. Pictures and videos of the actions made and eventual caused damage are always welcome.

‘The Eye In Hand’ artwork

The album SCARS will leave scars on the eardrums of all those that witness this brutality pressed onto wax.
CLEVELAND once again prove that they truly are the home of violent hardcore.
Over 20 years of releasing their demons upon mankind haven’t calmed these guys down for a second. The end is near. And they’ll make sure you know it firsthand.

Don’t take the violence part too serious, i’m talking about brutal, aggressive music and aesthetics through sound and ideas displayed. These guys have certain views on our world and society and in no way promote violence against others.
They challenge you to think about what they say and to decide for yourself  if you agree or not. If you don’t agree with their style of negative hardcore then you still have a whole range of other bands that you might enjoy.

For those who want to hear other projects with HUMAN FURNACE (vocals) involved, then check out GLUTTONS and HOLYGHOST.


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