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Integrity Walpurgisnacht (not complete)

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Integrity Walpurgisnacht first press vinyl red green trash purple gray grey

I’m lacking the white and the 2nd press.

The greenish one in the middle wasn’t supposed to exist. A389 records ordered the grey and the red version from the pressing plant. But when the records arrived at their warehouse they found out that there were about 100 in this greenish color. So they decided to make of it a colorway on it’s own called “greenish trash vinyl”.
They were for sale at the end of the first press sale. Bummer for the ones who pre-ordered because this one is more rare than the red pre-order.

The white actually is the most rare edition, I have seen them on Ebay only. And they went for serious money. Dwid Hellion (the vocalist of Integrity) was selling them on ebay Belgium. The ones he was selling were wax stamp sealed and came with embroidered patches and stickers.

Now musically I find this Integrity release very refreshing. The songs have a new level of heaviness and a modern tinged brutality to them. Integrity has managed to mix their classic sound with the new sheerness of heavy modern hardcore.

Now over to the meaning of Walpurgisnacht:
Many of the Americans will not understand or know what “Walpurgisnacht” means. It is from a European origin. Walpurgisnacht is celebrated during the night from April 30 to the first of May. In Europe there is a huge cultural differentiation, so also this event has different meanings in different countries and cultures. But the origin goes back on the celebration of fertility and the thin line between life and death. And I think that’s also what the lyrics on the song Walpurgisnacht of the 7inch are about. But they are very cryptic.

And for closers two fun facts:

*Heavy Metal pioneers Black Sabbath also had a song called “Walpurgisnacht” it was the original for the song “War Pigs”.

*Adolf Hitler also committed suicide on that very night.

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  1. yes indeed, there's a purplish gray and greenish gray also, transitional colors. It was called green trash vinyl… I'm not sure about that number though, could be rarer than 1000 I think

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