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xBishopx "Bless The Dead"

Yes Florida still delivers good hardcore after Culture, Morning Again, early Poison The Well and early Shai Hulud. Not that the genre xBishopx plays can be compared to these bands though. It is better compared to bands like Terror and Buried Alive. But I’m not to good at drawing sound comparisons between bands.
This 7″ is there blackest and most sinister output. It isn’t called for nothing “Diary Of A Corpse Sessions”. And what you wouldn’t expect is that they actually do a Minor Treath cover. Listen to their myspace and then imagine that they play the song “Filler” with the same instrumental sound. Well they do and it doesn’t sound bad, on the contrary.
The fact that they play this only proves their dedication to Straight Edge, wich is with this soundwall a rare combination nowadays.


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