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Introducing Limited Pressing In Europe

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Limited Pressing is an American based project created to support the DIY movement of Hardcore and Punk. They offer fairly priced stores for bands, labels, distros, and show organizers. In addition to stores, there’s also a ton of other interesting sections to the site.

What differs this project from imitators is that it makes trading on the internet more transparent and vivid. But also safer and reliable.

I will discuss the most important technical features that accomplish the secure and innovative properties of Limited Pressing:

• The Deal Making System (in the section called “Trading”) keeps record of all your conversations having to do with a deal, in order to track them.
• You can leave feedback for a private deal made in the Trading section.
• Private deals can also be more guided by generating invoices and getting receipts.
• Underground Music News sites and blogs are aggregated into one section called the Hoverboard. So that you get a more bundled and personally selected view of what’s happening in the underground Music scene.
• Any user has got a personal dashboard where you can “friend” these news sources.
• You can also “Friend” stores. This is ideal for keeping up to date with the news and what is or sale on the same page.
• Also when you “Friend” another user you can keep track of what they click on the Hoverboard, it shows up in your own personal news feed inside your dashboard.
• The auctions you can create on Limited Pressing are totally free of charge and you can leave comments about them.
• The online stores are specifically designed for bands, labels and distro’s. Stores you run can have music players embedded.
• Stores for selling tickets are also specifically designed, and no fees are charged on tickets sold. Something that no one has ever done before.
I fully support the non-profit and self-made trading environment, because I see it’s useful and allows users to build a reputation with feedback.

This weekend they will introduce the Euro currency to the store section. This will make it possible for Europe to access it easily. The fact that they introduce the euro on Limited Pressing shows that they embrace Europe and realize that we’re a force in underground music.

I met with these two congenial people that founded this new and almost indefinable project. The two hardworking American dudes are involved in Hardcore and Punk since the beginning of the nineties. They always wanted to be part of an industry changing project. They don’t do this for a living but are fully enjoying what they are doing on a professional level.

As to my role in this project; I don’t profit in doing this except that I like doing it and wanted to represent and introduce Europe to this project. And I always wanted to meet up with awesome American dudes who care about the Hardcore and Punk community and accept me. I am not doing this for a living either because I have my job as a lifeguard. But have been passionate by collecting records for a long time now and wanted to break out of the routine of trading and selling, and doing something else and taking it to the next level.

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