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The Icemen: Two 7 inch Titles

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The Icemen were founded in 1982 by singer and songwriter Marco Abularach. Noah Evans from Bad Brains and Mackie Jayson from The Cro-Mags joined him. The band was mostly active on shows and didn’t put out official records until in 1991, Blackout! Records released an ep counting 4 tracks which was available on CD and tape, also a limited 7″ on Blue or Red was made:

The Icemen rest in peace the harsh truth 7 inch red vinyl color nyhc blackout! records

As a total surprise Reaper Records released more than 15 years after the bands demise (1992) two previously unreleased tracks. These were recorded over night in 1984 at Nola Studios and engineered by Noah himself. The tape of these recordings were mastered and mixed at Shadowmusic Studios in 2008.
If you ever get this record in your hands you can read the full story of this on the insert, it is an exciting one. It is not that difficult to obtain this, because you can still buy it at Reaper or distro’s.

the icemen the iceman it'll be your grave 7 inch reaper records blue black haze vinyl limited NYHC

But the one you see beneath -with the black haze- is very hard to get because there are maximum 100 copies made. I missed out on the pre-order but was lucky to know a dude who was really into the Icemen and bought several copies. Badly he eBayed all of his copies, but lucky for me. I really wanted this and lost two times while bidding but the third time I won…

You can look into this record deeper on Double Cross Webzine:

And if you feel like a good read, check these interviews with Marco on Double Cross:

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