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It’s a Judge Bringin’ It Down on green vinyl

I have always advocated buying several versions of a record instead of having multiple of a certain version. Recently I was strengthened in believing in that approach. Why? Because I discovered that I have mistaken a first press JUDGE Bringin’ It Down on black vinyl for a third+ press. The mistake actually laid in the fact that I thought the Purple vinyl labels of my first pressing for Maroon labels by never having the chance to see physically and compare. And because it was poorly described by the seller.

But recently I had the chance to buy a green first press of the Judge Bringin’ It Down LP. When I received it I saw that the insert of my two Bringin’ It Down LP’s were the same. So I found it rather weird and decided to physically compare the vinyl labels of the two. I came to the conclusion that they were of the same colour. I also compared the matrix etchings and I needed no further arguments to conclude that I had obtained a first press about 4 years ago on eBay.

So all the pieces came together and I’ve learned that having several version of the same release is a must. Imagine that I would have sold the first press thinking it was a third+ press, would have been such a setback.

Another lesson is that when you sell something you really need to describe it very well. And that you need knowledge about what you sell, because the black version that I bought 4 years ago went very cheap on Ebay and I was the only bidder.

judge bringin it down green vinyl revelation records first press nyhc

Obtaining this record is for me a very great achievement and I can’t be happier with having it in my collection. I’m collecting intensively for 5 years now, so the time had to come.

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