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Liar Invictus LP Transitional colour


It’s totally cool when you think you got all colours of an LP and then you find out that there are more colours out there. As is the case with the Liar ‘Invictus’ LP on Genet Records.

But what you could know when you hear that there are transitional colours of this record, keeping in mind that there is a blue and a yellow orangish version, the transitional colour must be green! That’s basic colour-wheel knowledge.

So I needed no further arguments to believe the seller in which he said that this is a transitional, while not having it heard confirmed by Hans Liar or Genet Records.

I needed this record to keep my collection up to date, but I can’t complete it because someone, that I won’t name, has a multi-color copy of the Invictus LP that is out of 1!

Because the wax colors weren’t completely mixed together, you can see the remains of the blue and the dark yellow / orange in the wax! Pretty neat if you ask me… Keeps things interesting !

2 responses to “Liar Invictus LP Transitional colour”

  1. How many were pressed on orange wax?

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