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LENGTH OF TIME – Let The World With The Sun Go Down


If you are reading this today and the world is still spinning then those Mayans had it wrong with their calendar, but no worries since many more foresee the end of the world soon. LENGTH OF TIME is one of  those bands that will greet the end of the world with open arms.
Brussels finest advocates of the Process church return with a new release. Let The World With The Sun Go Down is their latest album that was recently released through GSR music. After a long time of inactivity Kirby and his crew of unholy warriors return with a brand new album. The last thing we heard from LENGTH OF TIME was in 2010 when they released a few songs on the split with SANTA KARLA on Thirty Days Of Night Records. Both of those tracks appear on this new album so this actually is a new album with only four new tracks on it. For having to wait almost ten years on new work from LENGTH OF TIME, four new tracks is a bit of a dissapointment then.

length of time let the world with the sun go down lp vinyl gsr records
Robert DeGrimston is ready for December 21st. 

It took a long time to get LENGTH OF TIME back together to record this album since vocalist Ross spend most of his time traveling between Belgium and Brazil so pinning him down to record or even perform live was one hell of a task while guitarplayer and creative mastermind behing the band Kirby was occupied with numerous other projects such as GOATCLOAKS, BROKEN CLOWN, ARKANGEL and his own record store in Belgium’s capital city. Luckily for all their fans they decided to show the world how it needs to be done so the return of LOT was imminent.

Basic artwork for the back of the album sleeve

The new album was released through their cooperation with the GSR music record label and was released in a CD version and an LP. Since we at RWHAF are vinylfreaks it’s time to take a closer look at the vinyl release of Let The World With The Sun Go Down. This time Theo GSR and LOT went for a picture disc with the new album and for me personal i find this a bit of a dissapointing choice. Sure the provided artwork comes out very nice with this kind of release but the choice for picture disc does mean a lower quality of sound in the end. And taking into consideration they could have put more effort into the artwork overall cause now the focus lays on the picture disc on it’s own while the albumsleeve is left with a more or less minimalistic design. The front of the albumsleeve depicts Robert DeGrimston, cult leader of the Process Church, the much admired prophet of doom that gets idolised by Kirby and the band. The influence of this Process Church is allover nowadays with LOT, recently the band gave a live show for the release of the album at the Brussels venue Magasin 4 where the whole stage setup was heavily influenced and decorated with Process symbols, excerpts from DeGrimston’s wrtitings and much more of those influences seem to have inspired this album than ever before. The back of the albumsleeve is pretty basic and just holds the necesarry info regarding the albumtracks, composition of the band and the label, all in a gothic font. A bit of a downside is the fact that this all you get, no extra’s included such as a lyricsheet or other info on the band or even some pictures.

Dark and demonic as usual with LENGTH OF TIME

The record itself consists of two completely different albums, the A side is the new album Let The World With The Sun Go Down while the B side is a reissue of the 1997 demo We Choose The Violent Way. These demo tracks are a nice added value to this vinylrelease but the overall impression of this album is that you get two completely different sides of LOT with this release. While the new songs that appear on Let The World With The Sun Go Down have more of a metal ring to them, closer to Slayer than to a hardcore band,  a road that Kirby and fellow bandmembers have been following for quite a while now with their other projects, then the contrast with those demo recordings on We Choose The Violent Way make a huge difference. There we get to hear the LOT as we all got to know them in the ’90’s, a more hardcore oriented sound with metal influences.

Roman warriors overseeing the killing field

As said before the two sides of this release are very different and given the fact that this is a picture disc the sound quality is below par. Added to that quality loss you also get the demo tracks that were recorded on a tape recorder in the summer of 1997 that don’t really help the overall quality here. The new tracks have been produced and mixed by their new bassplayer Jeremy Bezier of ENTHRONED fame, it still remains a bit messy in the end to my ears, combined with the picture disc sound quality this release won’t be gift to audiophiles allover. Still after all those years it’s great to hear the return of LENGTH OF TIME to the scene again in an era where hardcore and metal based music has become so uncreative and dull and more of a look than truly an attitude.


3 responses to “LENGTH OF TIME – Let The World With The Sun Go Down”

  1. a shame gsr didn't go for some coloured vinyl plus a picture disc to offer. that picture disc truly lets me down.

  2. There's only one song from the split with Santa Karla on this picture disc. And that's the song “War Martyrised World”. The other song “Death Retreats” is only on the CD version. It's wrongly mentioned by the label and distributors in their item's description.

  3. This picture disc was released on 500 copies.

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