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RISE AND FALL Discography Project

Some people ask me to write down my knowledge concerning the RISE AND FALL discography. Well here they have it. Also for others accessible if interested. 
Again I repeat, this is not the completest nor is it the truest discography online. But it’s what I know and are certain about it solely. 
If you have proof it’s wrong you can also contact me and I’ll correct or adjust it.

Demotape 2003

first press (blank tape)
second press (company tape)
Demo 7inch (pressed 2010)
Control Records
/16 black wax / white labels / numbered / testpressing.
/100 red wax / numbered / mailorder.
/400 black wax
/1 red-black split wax
/3 red-black swirl wax
Hellmouth LP
Anger Management Pressing (2004)
Deathwish Pressing (2011 Reissue)
Solid Orange /756
Clear Gold /330
Into Oblivion LP
Reflections Records (2005)
Red with Black Splatter
Sleeve Misprint (rarest version)
Deathwish Inc. (2010 Reissue)
/309 White with Silver Splatter
/719 White with Silver swirl
Clawing 7inch
Deathwish Inc. (2007)
0 Testpresses
/30 Vellum Cover, pink vinyl (sold on mini-tour in USA)
/300 Blue / Pink 
/850 Blue
/820 Pink
Our Circle Is Viscious LP

Deathwish Inc.

  • FIRST PRESS (2009)

/50 Record Release (Handnumbered on dustsleeve; vinyl is White with Bronze Splatter)
/50 Tour press (dustsleeve is DJ sleeve, made for US tour, came with stickers and vinyl is White with Bronze Splatter)
/50 White with Bronze Splatter
/300 White/Bronze Mix
/700 Yellow/Bronze Mix
/1000 Black/Bronze Mix
  • SECOND PRESS (2010)
/1029 Bronze 
Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin 7inch
Deathwish Inc. (2011)
/330 Clear
/770 Grey
/1100 White
Faith LP

Deathwish Inc. (2012)
/750 Water
/750 Air
/750 Fire
/750 Earth
/80 Record Release Show edition, handnumbered and came with Where It Ends Zine

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