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Looking For Guest- Or Co-Authors!

RECORDS WITH HISTORY AND FUTURE is looking for people who have a passion for collecting Hardcore music and aren’t afraid of sharing their experiences online! If you are or know people who are willing to work together with me in synergy and friendly manner and if you spend time on the world wide web regularly and want to become active on a renowned and already settled site who will reach the 100.000 visitors barrier soon and is connected with other Blogs and news-sites than this is something for you. Also if you think no illegal downloads are necessary to make an interesting posts than here’s the place for you.

If you feel like doing this together just check if you have these skills:

  • having the ability to make photo’s and scans of records you have or bought
  • having basic knowledge of the hardcore sub-genres and basic understanding of the evolution of those genres and the effects upon eachother. But being able to remember pressing info or keeping record of that info is a must also.
  • Understanding and writing USA- or UK-English is also necessary.
  • Being able to work with the interface of s vitally necessary!
  • Basic technical abilities such modifying the pictures you take (size, shades,etc) and having the basic software to do so are also plusses
  • An integer, honest and modest but ambitious attitude is fun and eloquence is also a strong point

There won’t be a contract or obligatory atmosphere all I ask is dedication and motivation so that Flandersfury-blogspot keeps growing and being the place to be for interesting facts and opinions about things happening in the field of Hardcore and music in general!!

Please contact me with your solicitation and motivation on my personal email address! And if you’d think it’s useful; share this post and spread the word!!!

Sincerely and until then,

-Flanders Fury

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