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Time to have a look at an EP by MINOR THREAT that is a must have classic for all you hardcore aficionados out there. Salad Days.

Salad Days by MINOR THREAT takes us back to the year 1983 when these songs have first been transferred to that weird medium kids under 20 don’t even know the existence about, tape. 1983 is also
the year that MINOR THREAT disappeared form the scene. Only a couple years after their formation in 1981, arisen from the ashes of former project TEEN IDLES. But in those couple of years the band released
a full length and a handful of EP’s that would shake the hardcore world upside down and lead to the birth of
an entire scene named after one song by this influential band. Straight Edge.

Dischord House front porch

Salad Days is probably one of their last EP’s ever made and features three classic tracks by DC’s finest.
Salad Days, Stumped and ( sometimes) Good Guys ( don’t wear white). No explanation needed with these
tracks. If you haven’t heard them before then it’s time to do so. Cause the influence this band has had on hardcore in the early ’80’s is beyond comprehension.

Dischord Fifteen

This is a repressing of the classic 1985 release of Salad Days and this should be a staple record in your collection.

Ian screaming, Brian playing and Jeff doing arts and crafts

This release came out on Ian MacKaye’s very own Dischord label, run out of the MINOR THREAT and DC scene’s headquarter, the Dischord house. The cover art is therefore a picture of the 1983 line-up in front of the Dischord house porch.  Ian MacKaye as charismatic front man up front backed up by fellow band members Jeff Nelson, Lyle Preslar and the glasses wearing Brian Baker.

Lyle Preslar jamming along

The insert holds some old pictures from those ‘salad days’, Ian interacting with the crowd, Brian and Lyle playing their axes and creative mastermind Jeff pasting the album art of Out Of Step like back in kindergarten.
DIY rules supreme in their book for sure.

Three tracks on 45 rpm speed, now that is an EP

MINOR THREAT has left a huge mark on hardcore and is a force that can not be forgotten. Even during their short existence they have created a scene within the ’80’s hardcore scene that was so different and has left his marks until today. After the breaking up of MINOR THREAT some members started their own projects and one that needs to get credit too is FUGAZI.

All these days, just Salad Days

Go check out these bands, they might be old news and for some they might sound ‘stale’ but still their influence is enormous on so many levels. And there’s no future without knowing your history.


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