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Have you already heard this ep. ? Sounds awesome to say at least. Looks awesome to. Anyway this record is meant to stay and to be heard also. I only wish I had the testpress. Which could have been the case if I had more money or focused on REAPER RECORDS only. But anyway I like the mix…

Also PK, to whom I have to thank all of this greatness, puts testpresses on eBay regularly so I know that they are out there somewhere for in the future. Can only hope peeps who buy them take care of them…

Anyway here’s the collection:

Those two different colors are from the first press:

turnstile pressure to succeed pre order clear vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Pre-order version that sold out pretty quickly. With different cover and an exclusive color, CLEAR 
turnstile pressure to succeed blue vinyl first press 7 inch reaper records
Already sold out regular first pressing: BLUE out of 830 copies

Then came the second pressing thanks to popular demand all on BLACK vinyl!

turnstile pressure to succeed black vinyl second press reaper records
Black but  pretty rare [300 minus 132 copies = 168 copies only]

This may seem awkward but the label ran out of glue-pocket sleeves and printed fold-out sleeves:

Fold-out sleeve LEFT vs. Glue-pocket sleeve RIGHT
turnstile pressure to succeed black vinyl second press 7 inch reaper records
Greenish alternate sleeve with black vinyl out of 132 copies only

Anyway that greenish version is still available here, although there are very few left!

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