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Morning Again "Hand Of Hope" LPs


What needs to be said about Morning Again? They were one of the most successful 90’s bands from the USA. They are still doing tours nowadays and still mean heaps to lots of people. Recently two partial discographies are being pressed but frankly I have no interest in these since I have the originals and do not need to be introduced to their music. I listened to the band since their first release on Good Life Recordings. Somewhere in 1996/1997 that must have been. Logically since I’m from Belgium and Good Life distributed in Belgium, this compilation release and not the two separate releases. As a kid I did not even know the existence of them. It was this release on Compact Disc and I was aware of noting else. I remember the friend whom I borrowed it from. I was immediately into it. They had some kind of energy combined with critical and intelligent lyrics as well on larger society as on aspects of individual human beings.
I’m still into this music actually although ‘Martyr’ stands out for me personally. No arguing of musical tastes please. As I was saying this release is actually a compilation the ‘The Cleanest War’ 12 inch on Conquer The World and the self-titled 7 inch on Intention Records.

Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” LP white and gray vinyl

As bad habits die hard I acquired another color of the Hand Of Hope LP on Good Life Recordings. I actually already had a gray marbled version which is pretty rare, never saw one of these except my own copy. But since I had the opportunity to buy a clean white copy, I did it. Yes, it gets dangerous to be into that kind of collecting, be warned!

So I needed to make a collection shot also:

Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” colors collection

I don’t have the faintest idea of what is first press and the exact numbers made, if there are several presses. But through the years of watchfully surfing the web I come to the conclusion that the clear is most common, then the blue one and those opaque colors, white and gray are pretty hard to come by.

2 responses to “Morning Again "Hand Of Hope" LPs”

  1. love the look of the original copies. i'm still split if i should buy the convenient re-presses or make the effort to get the original ones. we'll see.anyway, great pieces of vinyl, for sure!

  2. I'm sure those two discographies that are in preorder currently will be a great introduction Tino! It is no that big dilemma…

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