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Trapped Under Ice "Stay Cold" 6th pressings

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It’s been since March 2008 that I am loyally collecting all versions of the Stay Cold 7 inch on Reaper Records. I can say that this collection is exemplary to me in how I can collect a certain record. It’s actually quite simple. All regular store versions were bought straight from the Reaper Bigcartel store. But there are a slew of versions that were sold on United Blood, This Is Hardcore and Sound And Fury Festivals. Those I needed to get second handed, preferably from people who went to one of those shows. I wanted this because of the condition of the records. The test press also came from the label.

A few years back I wrote that I wanted it to stop all those pressing because I was saturated chasing after these. And the storm actually quieted down. Until all of a sudden Reaper Records put new pre orders for new pressings online. This record seems to be still wanted by people and didn’t sink into oblivion. I realize that many records that I collected lost the frenzy of the period and did sink into oblivion and that I couldn’t have foreseen that.

The new pressings got new cover art and new vinyl labels also. The mock ups that are pictured in the store actually looked very ugly. But actually they came out quite good physically. Maybe later I will do a more technical post pointing out the differences between all the pressings and their variations.

TUI Reaper Records Stay Cold 7 inch
clear blue with grey splatter (6th press, 600 copies)
TUI Reaper Records Stay Cold 7 inch
solid blue and white with red and yellow splatter (6th press, 400 copies)
TUI Reaper Records Stay Cold 7 inch
solid blue and white with red and yellow splatter (B-side label pictured)
TUI Reaper Records Stay Cold 7 inch
black vinyl (6th press, 200 copies)

Also the Big Kiss Goodnight LP was repressed. I noticed that the mock ups for that LP were mixed up with those for the 7 inch in the Bigcartel Store. I see that they noticed it now also and corrected them.

5 responses to “Trapped Under Ice "Stay Cold" 6th pressings”

  1. the colours for this re-press look pretty good! you bought the 'big kiss goodnight' re-press as well?

  2. @mcs: email me@xtinox: no not yet, still some time left

  3. Hey Willem, just to let you know there is currently a test press of the Fire & Ice LP on eBay.

  4. I ordered them from in Germany. I do not know when Reaper Records send them.

  5. When did you get your copies?? I preordered and haven't even gotten a shipping confirmation yet.

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