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My Statement Of Life In A Dying World

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The recordings on this 7 inch were done early December 1996. The artwork of this record is beautiful, detailed and elaborate. Also the images used were credited, every band or label should be respectful and thankful enough to do this. Most of the artwork used was created by Albrecht Dürer.

Musically this record reflects the transition between the Martyr ep and the full length on Revelation Records, called As Tradition Dies Slowly. The heavy guitar riffs become more melodic and sound wise the record shows perfect balance between heavy riffage and melody. The vocals were done and the lyrics were written by Kevin Byers, music by John Wylie. Same line up as for Martyr but only one guitar.

As you can see they left Good Life Recordings for an American label, called Immigrant Sun Records. But they keep the biblical aspect in their artwork. As the cover and other imaged used depict apostles for example.

Morning Again “My Statement Of Life In A Dying World” 7 inch, green vinyl

The lyrics of the record are still relevant to this day and influential too many. There are three songs on it, those lyrics come with explanations.

Uncivil Hands deals with a characteristic of humanity that was and is constant throughout history. It’s the ambiguity of people in rule. Killing others for their own society. But also hypocrisy of those people consuming products of nature. Mankind exploits natural resources, kills animals in order to create so called well fare for it’s societies. But the planet is drained by this process. The song not only deals with animal welfare but reflects the total view of Morning Again upon the future and how it should be. How people in rule should not exploit other parts of the world, other people or other living beings. Morning Again in this song stresses that we have a responsibility of caring for our home, not destroying the life support systems. Our responsibility for the future and the further evolution of mankind. “We cannot always rebuild all that’s been destroyed”. By setting an example of what’s right, we can move towards a better future and achieve freedom with time. We need to establish a long term vision by further development of ecological and ethical thinking.

Seed is an introspective song about growing up. When educated as a kid you learn certain truths that feel comfortable. But the lyric writer has learned to see and think outside of that box. He met other people that were told to be different. He saw identical aspects in those different people and changed his view upon certain things of life. The picture of Erasmus that comes along with the lyric explanation, is aptly chosen. As in within his own life, Kevin experienced an enlightenment that caused him to think differently and independently. In such a way he chose his own direction and went his own way.

Stun the Evolution is a song about raising up kids. How we inflict our ideals upon children, how we educate them, might not always be the right way to do it. The free spirit of kids is something that needs to be valued and we should let kids express their creativity, questions, concerns and definitely listen to them by all means. Without putting them down. Punishment and infliction of ideals is seen as tainting of the mind and stunning of the natural evolution of a child.

Record is pressed on three colours; black, green and clear. I am sure first press copies (black) were distributed in Belgium, as I have one since the end of the nineties from a local distro.

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