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Morning Again "As Tradition Dies Slowly"

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The third full-length of Morning Again on Revelation Records. A cool coincidence that it’s 90’s galore and that it’s on Revelation Records. Another LP that breaths the 90’s would be “Life.Love.Regret” from Unbroken. Although this one isn’t so high in price or desired it’s a tad heavier and more classic to me personally.

It was a long time ago that I was able to buy this one, but never came around featuring it on this blog. So here it is. It’s actually a pretty rare record with only 208 copies on colored vinyl ever. All the rest is black.

I saw the band once in Bissegem at the O.C. (for those who don’t know, that’s a town near Kortrijk). It was in the time era of this record and it was ofcourse Kevin singing. I think they were on tour with 25 Ta Life back then.

The lyrics are of most intelligent kind. Still relevant to this very moment as the lyrical content was way ahead of it’s time. Damien wrote more introspective lyrics while these were already more outwards. I mean dealing with topics that affect a person not directly but more indirectly because of the surrounding sociological nature of it. Everlasting topics like love, immigration, tradition (religion), warfare, freedom of decision, homosexuality… The global relevance of these topics only grew nowadays.

morning again as tradition dies slowly blue vinyl lp revelation record

The music is like a wall of sound, heavier than their previous releases. With still that melodic touch that typifies Morning Again so much. I’m still loving it…

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  1. Great record, great cover, great vinyl colour choice. Oh, and great score dude!

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