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Nasty Give A Shit Review

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Nasty proofs with this album to be the guardian of ethics and good behavior of those who still believe in real hardcore and live the life. With their second opening song called “Second Life” they give in their own blatant way a sharp critic on those who are living the life but are afraid to live it openly. Being true is the basic condition, but not enough, you have to come out for it and express yourself with no fear or shame. That being said they analyse their own music as a mean of coming together and finding points of coherence amongst fans.

Ice Age is an expression of a feeling of hardcore elders that kids really need to take notice of and even try to comprehend. Namely the feeling of cold, distance and horror reality of modern social contacts. Things aren’t as they were like in the teenage years when there was more brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other. Nasty shoots out to preserve or restore the warmth amongst brothers and sisters. Another aspect of modernity is that violence seems to be the only mean of leaving something behind or making a statement nowadays. But Nasty realizes this and has heart enough to make a kind statement and as it goes, this gets misunderstood. That’s what the song and maybe even Nasty is all about. I mean don’t you think of Nasty as a violent group of individuals who teach violence to the kids? No, this is just wrong!!

“F*ck It” is a simple but correct view upon our system. ‘Babylonsystem’, ‘moneypulation’ as they call it. They simply do not listen to this anymore, fuck it is their answer to false truths people get inflicted. They rather die than give in… And they want justice, asking themselves who has the spirit to stand up for justice. This is a call for all the hardcore kids and elders to do so in the song “Justice”! Another warning they give is that nowadays people get f*cked in the head. Rather than the false truths of the song “F*ck It” are the media, companies and even some individuals who have the power to indulge people to crazy stuff, to false remedies or cures or even believes for instance. Nasty say “do not swallow it, but spit it out instead!”.

This being said I truly believe that this is a real hardcore record in true vein and spirit, add to this the necessary evolution of making the music harder and harder and you have a real impact-full statement that still cannot be ignored. Also the increase of parts with gang-vocals is a good evolution I think. I totally like this record and have listened to it many times and still do, because I hope that bands like Nasty are the future to come!! Give a shit and give me more bands like Nasty!!

This is released by Good Life Recordings

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