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Embrace and a 90’s benefit compilation

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A few weeks ago, when I was searching after Nations On Fire stuff on the bay, I found this compilation CD. I already knew it existed, because I saw it on the Blindfold discography page on Discogs, but I thought I’d never come by a copy for sale.

When I read the item description I discovered this CD actually consists out of covers from the entire Embrace s/t LP from Dischord Records! I knew that LP already because I was recommended it from a nice poster on this blog, but never heard it before. And didn’t know that this compilation and the Embrace LP actually were connected to each other.

Thanks to buying this CD, listening to it, and liking it, I came to wanting to hear how these songs sounded originally. And since it would be a nice addition to my coloured Dischord reissues collection. I needed no more arguments to finally buy this LP. I knew where to get it but I never came to buying it before.

embrace LP dischord records red vinyl repress reissue ian mackaye

You can see that searching for records from Blindfold and Nations On Fire and doing this blog can really be instructive. I totally liked this CD because it has a lot of other bands that I really needed to check out also:

various land of greed world of need CD trustkill watermark records benefit for the homeless

Also liking it because it came to me in almost new condition, no scratches or whatsoever. That’s quite seldom for a infamous compilation CD from the 90’s (1994 exactly).

I also saw the vinyl version of this compilation on eBay last week, but figured it wasn’t really necessary to buy it (it was in the USA). As you can see this was released by Trustkill Records and was a homeless benefit compilation.

For those who never heard about Embrace; it is Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat who is doing the vocals. If you want to find out more about it go check their page on Wikipedia.

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