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Nations On Fire reissues

Nations On Fire is a positive Hardcore band from Belgium and formed around the year 1990. The objective of this post is not to tell their history but to show the recent reissues of their LP records. It’s truly great that the band’s main delivery is still in press and still available to be purchased on vinyl around the world.

The 1991 record was called “Strike The Match” and is their most popular release. It’s has had several pressings on different labels. After the early nineties there was a long hiatus of no pressings at all. But since 2013 it has been reissued several times again. Latest pressing is the Refuse Records pressing, which has a gatefold cover. The label is up to it’s second pressing of this record already. The first one they did also had a gatefold cover but came with a poster, while the most recent pressing comes with an interview booklet. This record brought the Straight-Edge life-style to a widely spread audience in Belgium and around the world. Topics are still relevant to this day.

clear red vinyl: 219 copies (2018)
opaque red vinyl: 110 copies (2018)

There was also a version made that is a translation of the record in Spanish, called “Enciende La Mecha” way back in the early nineties. This version also has been reissued in an orange gatefold cover on two colours, splatter and plain orange. By HFMN; a Spanish alternative music label and concert organizer.

Enciende La Mecha reissue (2018)
orange vinyl: 108 copies (2018)

Their follow up record from 1992 also has been reissued by Refuse Records in 2016 and in 2018 they pressed it again. The cover becomes glossy cardboard instead of matte. Also two colours pressed. Besides the more classic Hardcore subjects like the local scene and racism that is not allowed, this record start dealing with ecological subjects also.

clear vinyl: 312 copies (2018)
white vinyl: 110 copies (2018)

And finally their final album from 1995, called “Death Of The Pro-Lifer” was also reissued by Refuse Records in 2019. Was originally released by three labels, Genet Records did the vinyl, Conquer The World Records the compact disc and Refuse Records the tape version. This is also the first pressing that is on coloured vinyl.

purple vinyl: 437 copies (2019)
clear pink vinyl: 110 copies (2019)

Still a lot of work to do on documenting this band through it’s entire history. This website only features excerpts of my research. Also the final album “Death Of The Pro-Lifer” is a complex record and needs to be studied and explained a lot more than already done. It needs to be situated behind the political crisis in Belgium that the abortion law created and the death of the Belgian king that defended the Catholic stance of pro-life and anti-abortion. So this record took it even further into the field of ethics and politics…

Straight-Edge, ecology, ethics and politics all parts of the philosophical field of H8000 Hardcore!

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