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Sheer Terror Test Press

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Sheer Terror still release new records. This one, called “Pall In The Family” was released by Reaper Records in 2018. Sheer Terror is band from the original New York Hardcore scene in the late 80’s. They play groovy Hardcore with influences from other musical genres like Metal.

Reaper Records is the label of Patrick Kitzel who is known from bands like Spawn and True Blue, but also Repel Records from Germany. He moved to the United States where he runs a tattoo shop and where he runs Reaper Records. He does this in cooperation with people from the Syracuse scene and especially people involved with Earth Crisis. They have released bands like Maximum Penalty, Sheer Terror, Madball, Supertouch, Zero Tolerance. But also renowned bands from the decade after the year 2000 like Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, Backtrack, etc. They press most releases on several colours and make creative limited sleeves most of the time also, for occasions like the record release show, festivals or the pre-order versions. It’s actually Guav from Conviction Records that does most of the art for the label.

Reaper Records was doing a raffle on Instagram with the test press as price. I was lucky enough to be able to correctly answer the question necessary to enter the raffle. And I won the raffle. The cover has artwork from Agnostic Front with the Sheer Terror logo shopped in.

Sheer Terror “Pall In The Family” 7 inch test pressing

The record is pressed on three colours:.

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  1. Joel Youngblood

    So dang awesome.

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